Having Fun With Non-photorealistic Renders

Inspired by the wonderful thread over on the Daz forum… Thanks to algovincian and his thread, which I recommend you check out as he’s responsible for getting me hooked ! I was aiming for something like a graphic novel effect with this, or something like that. Read more…

Photorealism – the future of video game visuals

Imagine looking into the eyes of a video game character and knowing that they have lied to you, or that they’re scared, or that they love you. Right now, even with the astonishing power of current multi-core processors and graphics chipsets, the people we encounter in visually beautiful games like Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: […]

Unearthing the Holy Grail: real-time ray tracing on PowerVR GR6500

Imagination revolutionized the handheld industry in 2001 by launching a family of PowerVR GPUs designed for the very first wave of smartphones. Since then, we’ve set the standard for ultimate performance and energy efficiency with every release of the PowerVR graphics architecture. The most exciting thing about the PowerVR GR6500 GPU is that it is […]

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset finally available for pre-order

The consumer version of Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is finally available for pre-order, costing £499 in the UK and $599 in the US. The headset, which was originally crowdfunded in 2012, will be one of the first full VR headsets available, beating Valve and HTC’s Vive VR and Sony’s PlayStation VR to market. […]

The 25 most anticipated video games of 2016 – Dishonored 2, Uncharted 4, XCOM 2 and more

Of course, gamers go into every year filled with excitement and anticipation. This is a medium that thrives on slow burn hype, with even tiny indie projects using months of teaser shots and YouTube trailers to garner interest. The good news is, there’s usually enough brilliant, innovative and compelling fare to justify that enthusiasm – […]

Will 2016 be the year virtual reality gaming takes off ?

Virtual reality is coming. 2016 will see the release of the first serious consumer VR headsets for 20 years. In the first quarter of the year, VR pioneers Oculus (a subsidiary of Facebook, since a $2bn (£1.3bn) buyout in March 2014) will launch the consumer version of their Rift headset to the world. In April, Taiwan’s HTC […]

Pixar co-founder warns virtual-reality moviemakers: ‘It’s not storytelling’

Pixar Animation co-founder Ed Catmull has warned that virtual reality technology may not be the revolution in storytelling that some of its evangelists have claimed. “It’s not storytelling. People have been trying to do [virtual reality] storytelling for 40 years. They haven’t succeeded. Why is that? Because we know that if they succeed then people would jump […]

Star Wars : The Force Awakens CGI

The director J. J. Abrams says he used the old-school techniques of the original trilogy along with CGI . Far from eschewing CGI altogether, the new movie adopts a best of both worlds. “I feel like the beauty of this age of film-making is that there are more tools at your disposal, but it doesn’t […]

LAIKA Celebrates 10 Years Of Bold Filmmaking

DECEMBER 15, 2015:  Today LAIKA celebrates its ten year anniversary.  For a company whose name means “little barker” in Russian, LAIKA has made quite a noise in the global film industry over a relatively short time.  With its world-class filmmaking team, LAIKA pushes the boundaries of family entertainment and animated movies, redefining what stories can […]

Shapes, New Unity Asset : Dreamscapes

The Asset Pack Of Your Dreams Dreamscapes is a massive collection of assets for creating vast exterior scenes. From small areas to huge exterior environments, you will find everything you need in this package. The package contains a handful of models and textures that can be used with Unity’s terrain system, and the built in […]